Information for Cancer Patients about Alternative & Complementary Therapies, Evidence-based Research and a Nationwide Directory of Healthcare Providers
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Includes medical professionals, scientists, nutritionists, consultants and therapists (physical and psychological) who have a cancer practice which utilizes or is sympathetic to alternative approaches. Can be searched by degree MD v/s other medical degrees- ND, DO, and DC, Other advanced degrees and Certificates or non-degrees, as well as by name or geographical area.. Be open-minded. Check out everyone anywhere near you.


A “wiki” of most diets, vitamins, supplements, and theories that have been associated with alternative treatments for cancer. An initial summary, and often some editorial comment about efficacy, followed by more detail as to what research exists to support use Searchable alphabetically, by category (diet, supplement, etc.) and by type of cancer. However, “type of cancer” refers only to what cancer types have been tested. Many of these supplements or treatments may have benefits for ALL types of cancer.


Connections to specific individuals and groups who have something to offer in the area of specific alternative cancer treatments- or by geographic area, type of cancer. Some general medical sites are also included.


For those of who like hard copies of what we are reading. Books and publications about specific types of cancers, specific treatments, and stories about how others have handled their treatment or caring for someone with cancer. Searchable by category.

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